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 Where do you Call home?

Northern Virginia: Where You Want to Live


Relocating and house hunting can be one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. But, as many are aware, it can bring a tremendous amount of anxiety. Deciding where you will make one of the largest expenses of life and raise your family is not something anyone takes lightly.


When making the decision, experts will advise home buyers to create a list of must haves. These must haves are things that cannot be changed about a home through a remodel/renovation. Things like floor plan, square footage, and most importantly the neighborhood.


There are many factors to consider as you prioritize expenses, opportunities, time management as you create the quality of life you deserve.


Northern Virginia is one of the most desirable locations in the Unites States. The cities and towns boast some of the highest employment rates, lowest crime rates, and best education opportunities. Many of the wealthiest Americans call Northern Virginia home, which is evident by the high prices properties selling in the region command.


Living inside the Beltway


The “Beltway,” or highway 495, encircles Washington D.C., parts of Maryland, and Virginia that lie within the confines of the highway system. The Beltway is the economic center of the area as it houses the government institutions and large corporations employing many of the professionals living in the region.


Historically, most properties within the Beltway have easier access to the city which makes the travel time and length much shorter, depending on the part of DC you are trying to reach. The urban setting is close to public transportation, entertainment, and employment. With that convenience, comes higher property prices.


Life outside the Beltway


Properties outside the Beltway are often less expensive, but by no means are they cheap. You will find that the properties in the cities and towns outside the Beltway offer more square footage and more expansive yards when compared to home for sale inside the beltway that are in a similar price range.


While life outside the Beltway is more suburban, there are some neighborhoods/towns that offer a downtown center (Mclean, Reston, Town Center, and Vienna). Many of the towns are near the Metro, but a bus service or parking fees may be applicable. Due to the extended distance from the urban center, commute into Washington, D.C., may exceed 45 minutes.


Below is a picture to depict the geographic location for better understanding:
















Choices, choices, and more choices

When making the decision on which towns/neighborhoods are most conducive to giving you the lifestyle you want, there are numerous amenities each locale has to offer. The choices are abundant when it comes to the communities making up Northern Virginia. The neighborhoods offer first class entertainment and dining options from around the world, making the cities and towns popular tourist destinations as well as perfect places to call home.


There are pros and cons of any location, and, as you will see below, average home prices fluctuate quite drastically based on location. But there are plenty of options, Northern Virginia has something for everyone.

If you would like additional information on the towns and neighborhoods in and around Northern Virginia - reach out to us here and we will send you a more comprehensive report! 

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