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Cinco de Mayo, Radon and Updates on Real Estate

It's been tooo long.... 

Did you think Ana and Melissa were gone forever?

Well we're not.

We have just been busy selling homes, introducing folks to the DC area, and eating empanadas.... 

So first let's talk food....

Cinco de Mayo is this week! While DC is not known for its Mexican restaurants, the situation is improving.  

Here are some recommendations from Zagats...

If Enchiladas, Chimichangas (thank you Chi-chis) and Margaritas don't float your boat but you still want some recommendations for Latin food - our resident expert and Latina extraordinaire suggests you try Tango Pastry on Richmond Highway in Alexandria.

It's a hole in the wall that serves up some of the best Argentinian style empanadas.  Ask anyone who knows Ana, it's her go-to food for potlucks, wine night, sports banquets, kiddy parties and when a mommy friend is out of commission.  You can get them in all flavors: beef, chicken, ham and cheese, spinach, tuna, etc... 

Check them out at

Radon in the Air?  YIKES! 

What is that really???

Yeah.  You've heard about it.  It's an odorless gas that emits from the ground and causes cancer. Scary enough - the EPA states that it causes an estimated 21,000 lung cancer deaths per year.   More deaths than drunk driving. Homeowners and buyers usually get a radon test when they buy or sell. However, the radon levels can change in a home in just two years or after a major renovation.   Lately, we have seen a number of houses with high radon emissions and figured we should tell our friends about testing or re-testing their home. The test is not expensive, could potentially help identify cancerous gases in your home and it really gives you a piece of mind, especially if you have lived in your home for a very long time.    Contact us and we can facilitate a radon testing for about $100.    For more information:


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