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Monthly Pro Tip: Painting

One of the easiest DIY projects that you can do around your house is painting. To paint like a pro, check out these tips that will keep your project rolling on smoothly. 

Prime before you paint.

Although it may be tempting to skip over the primer, it helps provide a good surface for your paint, and will make sure your paint stays true to the color swatch you picked out.

Use an edge pad.

This will help you maintain clean lines around door frames, edges of the ceiling, and in the corners.

Rule of thumb: 1 gallon of paint for every 400 square feet.

This can vary if the wall is textured or the surface is unprimed.

Wash those walls.

Wiping down your walls before you paint will help the paint stick better to a clean surface.

Lastly, use a drop cloth. Unless you plan on painting the floor, a drop cloth is cheap and will save you time picking out the paint drops that fell onto the carpet. 

And - if you need a recommendation for someone to paint FOR you - give us a call, we have a number of very reasonable contractors.   

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