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What's going on with this crazy market?

The Ana and Melissa Team were super busy this Winter and Spring. 

Yes! Super Busy!

We listed 15 properties and sold them in record time – over half before it was officially listed on MLS and the rest in less than two weeks! 

We bought homes for 17 of our clients and we had to move quickly because



We have 5 Reasons -

Amazon Effect – owners are holding on to their properties until Amazon moves in and investors are speculating and buying.

A&M agree, but believe increase in prices will be steady over the next several years not a sky high jump next year. 

Builders can’t keep up with demand.

A&M agree this is true inside or near the beltway, but further out there are great new builds that need buyers. 

Owners don't sell because they can’t afford to move out.

A&M agree, however, new loan products offered by great lenders are giving homebuyers better options. Also interest rates are decreasing. We can give you names of great lenders to keep you financially secure. 

Retirees are not retiring and/or staying in their family home.

A&M agree, but the cost and upkeep of a large home is becoming a strain and they are not getting younger.

Off market sales are numerous and skewing the numbers.

WE AGREE - that's why you need Ana and Melissa. 

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